The Safeguarding Children Team at Seabridge Primary includes:

An introduction to key safeguarding personnel within school.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): a member of the leadership team with appropriate authority, responsible for dealing with safeguarding issues, providing advice and support to other staff, liaising with the local authority, and working with other agencies.

Name:  Julie Harrison                                  Tel no:  01782 432530  (Ext. 004)

Designated Safeguarding Deputy (DSD): a member of the teaching, support or pastoral staff, in a post which requires assessment of children, with sufficient status & authority to effectively deputise for the DSL role above. Cannot be an administrative or finance worker.

Names:  Karen Davies and Viv Sayer Tel no:  01782 432530

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo): staff member who provides advice, liaison & support for school staff and other agencies working with pupils with special education needs and their mothers, fathers or carers.

Name:  Amy Dale Tel no: 01782 432530

Learning Mentor (or equivalent): addresses difficulties preventing a child from reaching their full potential e.g. behaviour, attendance, achievement, timekeeping, homework, safeguarding issues, and develops strategies to overcome these barriers.

Name:  Julie Harrison/Marie Bateman (SLT) Tel no: 01782 432530

Looked After Children (LAC) Designated Teacher: promotes the educational achievement of ‘looked after’ pupils who are on the school roll, helps staff understand issues that affect how they learn and achieve and ensures appropriate staff have the information they need.

Name:  Amy Dale Tel no: 01782 432530

Online-Safety Coordinator: develops and maintains an online-safety culture within a setting.

Name:  Matthew  Bennett             Tel no: 01782 432530

Safeguarding Academy Councillor:

Name:  Simon Caton                      Tel no: via school office 01782 432530

Executive Headteacher: responsible for implementing policies & procedures, allocating resources to the safeguarding team & addressing staff safeguarding concerns.

Name:  Sandra Mitchell              Tel no: 01782 432530 (Ext – 003)

Any allegation or disclosure involving someone who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity must be reported directly to the Executive Headteacher or Head of School unless it involves them and then it should be reported directly to the Chair of the Academy Council.

Useful Information

A guide to Child Protection Conferences for parents and carers.

A guide to Child Protection enquiries for parents and carers.

A guide to Core Group meetings for parents and carers.

Information about everyone's role in protecting children.

Information about the NSPCC PANTS approach.

Recognising appropriate behaviour in children: Brook Traffic Light tool

Information about the Younger Minds support service

Changes for Young People - a link to a mental health and well-being peer support service for 11-18 year olds

Homestart - a local charity supporting families’ varying needs

A guide for parents about the 'Early Help' process

The Dove Service (bereavement/anticipation of bereavement, significant loss, or life-changing/limiting illness)

Families’ Health and Well-being service – bringing together health visiting and school nursing (0-19 years)

Health for Kids – health-related support resources for children 4-11 years

Safeguarding Across the Curriculum

All About - Anger (From Younger Mind)

All About - Esteem (From Younger Mind)

All About - Relationships (From Younger Mind)

The Prevent Strategy - Parent Pamphlet