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Information about the Rising Stars reading scheme used in Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2

At Seabridge we use the Rising Stars scheme to develop and enhance the reading skills taught in school. The banded scheme incorporates a breadth of reading genres which develops from discussion books in Early Years to chapter books in later stages. The scheme aligns with the school’s phonics program to ensure that the children are accessing books appropriate to their phonics ability. The books across the scheme provide opportunity for the children to expand their vocabulary in order to aid the skills of communication and comprehension of what is being read. Each book has its own bookmark that alerts the reader to the vocabulary found within that text to ensure clarity and context. All children receive a phonics mat or reading mat which is used to aid decoding, quickly recognise common exception words and to identify punctuation and grammatical terms. The bookmarks and mats inform on reading roles to be performed during home reads and include: predictor; summariser, clarifier and questioner. These roles are taught in class and reinforced at home.