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Space Pizza with Year 2

Over the last half term, Year 2 have been exploring their space topic. During their research and planning session, the children found out that Astronauts love pizza!

They designed their pizza's and choose toppings that they wanted to add. The children then discussed ways of how to modify to create a healthier version of their chosen choice.

The children decided to use wholemeal flour to make the dough healthier and chose lots of various vegetable toppings to complement.

A great time was had making the pizzas, I have a feeling Year 2 will want to make them again soon!

Key skills used:

  • I can design, make, evaluate and improve my design
  • I can use basic principles of a healthy diet to prepare a dish.
  • I can show an excellent attitude to learning and work independently.
  • I can work constructively and productively with others.
  • I can use a range of tools to cut ingredients and make a product.
  • I can manage risk and produce products safely and hygienically.